Assembly 36 Monthly Meetings

Assembly 36 Monthly Meetings

Eddie J. Adams Jr.,  Assembly 36 of the Society of American Magicians, the Magicians Club of New Orleans, meets once a month on the second Wednesday between February and November (due to the pandemic, the dates may be changed so check Magic Around Town for current details). There are no meetings in December and January (These months are set aside for Holiday events and the Annual Banquet at the beginning of each year.)

Members gather around 630 PM to meet and treat ourselves to some social networking and magic.  Check Magic Around Town for last minute changes and go to the map for directions.  There is generally a brief meeting and then everyone present enjoys an evening of magic. On occasion, educational workshops are put on by members and visiting professional magicians. When scheduled, members compete for “Magician of the Year”  garnering points for performing each month.  Magician guests (and significant others) are welcomed and aspiring magicians with a desire to grow their craft will find magicians willing to mentor their progress.  Magic is exposed; we are not open to the general public unless individuals demonstrate a sincere desire to learn about magic as a hobby or profession.

Meeting Location Map

Magician of the Year Program

Magician of the Year Program


The purpose of this annual program is to foster a fuller level of participation in club activities and to provide incentives to improve one’s technical and presentational skills as a magician in a congenial venue that provides encouragement and constructive criticism.


The program is based on a point system. That is, participation in various activities is the way participants accrue points. At the end of the program, the participant having the most points is honored as being MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR. The length of each yearly program is from February to November of the given year.


Attendance:  For every meeting attended during the program (10), the participant gets 1 point.  Additional points can be gained by performing at a meeting.

Performance Rating: By secret ballot, members will determine by popular vote which performers were the three best in order of preference, labeling them 1st, 2nd or 3rd best.  For purposes of tallying the vote, First Place is worth 3 points, Second Place 2 points and Third Place 1 point.  The points are added to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the evening.  First Place is awarded 4 points, Second Place 3 points, Third Place 2 points and 1 point is given for the remaining performers.Performance should be limited to approximately 3 to 5  minutes.  To earn points you must perform an effect following the theme of the meeting.

Bonus Points:  Bonus points will be awarded if you volunteer to perform in a club sponsored event during the year.  Events we have done in the past are the library shows during National Magic Week, Senior Citizens Center Events, Milne Girls Home, etc. Performing in such an event will earn an additional 3 points per event.

Magician of the Year (MOTY)

Here is the Bio on our last MOTY winner, currently, the MOTY program is on hiatus as we transition to a new venue this year. Return here once the next contest is initiated.

Milton Scheuermann, Jr.  RA


Assembly 36 Magician of the Year 2011/12

His bio is extensive. Drawing Techniques for Architects; 3D Representation; Architecture and Music, Architecture and Mysticism (Tulane School of Architecture, 1959 – Present). Other interests include: Interdisciplinary relationship of architecture, music & mysticism; medieval music & art; music notation 11th – 14th centuries; medieval manuscripts & illuminations; reconstruction of medieval musical instruments; close-up magic as a performing art; performing mentalism as a magical experience; Richard Wagner, the man and his music. Treasurer of Assembly 36 of the Society of American Magicians, Eddie J. Adams, Jr. New Orleans chapter.

Like we said, extensive. Yet, Milton finds the time to come prepared at each meeting to perform the theme of the month, and for the second time has taken the full honor of winning Magician of the Year for 2011/12. Milton has been active in Assembly 36 of the Society of American Magicians for a number of years and participates in monthly meetings, club sponsored events and educational lectures.

Assembly 36 is proud to have Professor Scheuermann in a leadership role in our club.  His participation in the Magician of the Year Contest  is testament to his continued support and enthusiasm for magic in New Orleans.  Milton presented a themed trick or illusion and garnered the highest number of points overall for the year. Seen above receiving his recognition at the Annual Banquet from Augie Garafalo.

Congratulations Milton, we look forward to enjoying your magic,  friendship and presence in our magic community in the years ahead.


For more information about the magician of the year program, go to the tabs for Themes of the Month and Magician of the Year Program



Magic Themes of the Month

Here are examples of themes for our monthly magic performances:

  • Feb.– Magician’s Choice
  • Mar.– Money magic
  • April– Children’s magic
  • May– Mentalism
  • June– “Larger than Regular Size” card magic
  • July– M.U.M. Night  (appeared in M.U.M. last 2 years)
  • Aug–Things magicians do that aren’t magic (arts allied to magic), i.e.; balloon animals, puppets/ventriloquism/rocky raccoon, chapeaugraphy, juggling)
  • Sept.– Effect learned in a local lecture (bring lecture notes to prove it).
  • Oct.– Spooky magic
  • Nov.– My favorite trick that I perform
Currently, we have open nights, so bring what ever you would like to share.  Our new theme list will be announced soon. 


Current Standings for MOTY Competition