Ed Marlo on U-Tube

Change Bag of Tricks, Oddities and Wonders

This column is devoted to magic tricks, ideas, concepts and “what not” for your enjoyment and benefit. There is no particular rule as to what goes here, it’s an open stage for anyone of our members or initiates to submit something they would like to share. We also find interesting websites and posts on-line and link them here.

Ed Marlo on U-Tube

The master demonstrating some great card work.

Classic Magic-Don Allen

Don Allen was a master. See him perform TV. Thanks to Westley Annis for the submission.

Ricky Jay Entertains David Letterman

Great clip of Al Flosso shown during this Late Night TV interview plus a nice piece of card work by Ricky as well

The Great Flydini

A comedy classic from Steve martin appearing on the Johnny Carson show. Get ready to howl!

Penn and Teller Doing It Their Way

Westly Annis sent in this U-Tube of Penn and Teller performing the chair suspension. Its poetry in motion. Watch and marvel at its simplistic presentation and grand reaction.

Double Six Theory

Legend Walter Zaney Blaney explains his theory on what makes a good or challenging audience.  Listen to the master and learn!

Ole Time Radio Shows

Want to listen to some great shows about magic and other topics? Sit by a radio with a bowl of popcorn and a cold beverage. Hours of fun listening.

The Cars – “Magic” video (full version) – YouTube

Ric Ocasek walked on water decades before Criss Angel: 1:45 in this Summer video about Magic- Submitted by compeer Irwin Royes.

Soldiers Deck of Cards

Nice routine by young Magician Justin Flam. Sent in by compeer Irwin Royes.

Shape of My Heart

Very interesting and entertaining routine with cards and coins.

Greatest Card Trick Ever

You won’t believe your eyes with this one!  Watch closely…. Thanks to compeer Eddie Adams for submitting this cool video.

Dynamic Duo

Two magician partners present a startling combination of magic and quick change. You won’t believe your eyes. Link provided by Walter Blaney.

The Magician’s Wife

This is one older generation magicians can relate to and even the younger set if they have ever been to a brick and mortar magic shop. Submitted by Compeer Irwin Royes.

Dani Lary illusions

A French magician does a nice job with a dream illusion.

Hypnotizing Juggler/Magician is Lord of the Rings

Beautiful and unique presentation by a Japanese artist with rings. Imagine the hours of practice that it took to achieve such perfection.

I-Pod Deceptions

A wonderful display of digital imagery with a unique magic story line.

Stomach Trick!

Clever use of a very popular stage illusion. Hope you can stomach it!

Now You See Him, Now You….

A fascinating look at the great Houdini published in the Jewish Exponent, January 2011. Thanks to compeer Irwin Royes who submitted the article.

David Copperfield on America’s Got Talent

David performs some nice illusions as a guest on the show.

Goofy Magic-Submitted by Irwin Royes

A 1941 classic Disney cartoon that is as fresh and funny today as it was 50 years ago. Click and enjoy!

Cyril Takayama- Aquarium Magic

Watch as this popular Japanese magician performs a seeming miracle right before your eyes…..sent in by Eddie Adams Jr.

Here is the First Ever Magicians LipDub Clip

Roy Zaltsman is a professional mentalist and the organizer of the annual Magic At the Red Sea convention in Israel.  A LipDub clip is a one-shot video clip. It is done by one camera man who switches from performer to performer every few seconds. Each performer sings a line from a song which is playing in the background.

Floating Piano

Irwin Royes submitted this rare presentation of a floating piano. Pretty neat!

EZ Tricks you can learn

Here is a large collection of mini videos that show some pretty good tricks for the novice and more advanced performer. Check it out!

Abbott & Costello Prove That Exposure Has Been Around for Quite a While

The famous comedy team does a hilarious magic routine exposing the workings. Do you think magicians of the day protested? Submitted by Irwin Royes

Japanese Grandpa

This video offers some cool moves with the public in a Japanese city. Thanks to Gerald Bagley, member, Assembly 36, for the submission.

Learn Five Tricks

From the fertile mind of Jay Sankey comes  five tricks that anyone can do with a little practice. In the hands of a real professional (or someone serious about magic) these are just as amazing as any illusion out there.

Watch some Coin Magic and don’t blink!

Eddie Adams sent in this U-tube video from Japan. “It real magic” proclaims Eddie. We agree! Watch the whole video through. This last few minutes will blow you away…..

Crazy Cube Illusion

You can do this at home yourself. Use painter’s tape or you’ll ruin the walls.

Calendar of Magic from Around the World

The All Magic Guide provides this comprehensive calendar of major events and conventions in magic in the USA and other countries.

The Misadventures of Magic Mac

Assembly 36 Member, Irwin Royes submits this offbeat cartoon for your consideration. You’ll have empathy for this poor fellow if you perform on stage.

Fred Kaps

A master magician demonstrates the “dancing cork”, a classic!

The Clock Trick

Here’s an interactive magic trick that works across the web and you can have fun performing it for your friends.

Steve Martin Cartoon Magic Show

Watch this if you are not too squemish, submitted by Eddie J. Adams Jr. , Member, Assembly 36.

Aces from Your Pocket

A spectator shuffles a deck and cuts it and drops it into the pocket of your coat. You locate the aces in a unique and mystifying way.

Sam the Bellhop

If you haven’t seen Bill Malone perform his now classic routine, you are missing a special treat. Check it out. Submitted by member, Gerald Bagley

Anthony Owen’s Oil and Water performed by Sebastien Clergue

Catch him if you can!

A Twist on the Classic OLEB by Criss Angel

A pretty neat performance of orange, lemon, egg & bird in a grocery store vegetable department with very surprised customers.

Al Flosso

Vaudeville-era magician, “The Coney Island Fakir”; perfected ‘Misers’ Dream’ of catching coins out of thin air. Enjoy this clip from a TV appearance.

I Know What Number You Have In Mind!

This is a cool internet trick with quite the surprise ending. Check out what’s behind the door you choose and be amazed!

Jumping Rubberband

A rubber band mysteriously jumps from your pinkie and ring fingers to the first and middle fingers of the same hand and then back again.

Johnny Eck Had No Lower Torso, But He Was a Magician and Entertainer

In the movie Freaks, Johnny Eck is featured. Very few people know he was a magician. Blackstone & Rajah Raboid are mentioned- Irwin Royes, member

Sawing a Lady in Half

Alright, this is not a version of the big stage illusion where a magician appears to saw a lady in half; but you can make and perform this yourself.

Slydini, Master Conjuror

The Dick Cavett Show (Nov. 7, 1977) Slydini, a legendary magician, performs for Cavett.

Blackstone-The Magic Detective Mystery Series

Step back in time with the “world’s greatest living magician”. This is how America entertained itself before there was TV, with radio shows.

Mr. Electric

This wonderful magician performs on the Merv Griffin show.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Starring Glen Ghardi

SAM member Glen Ghirardi in one scene; shot on location in NOLA. Look for the party 45 seconds into this clip-Glen is in the background.

Criss Angel

One of the most provocative illusionists of our time. Visit his website for videos of his award winning TV program and all the latest news about him.

Magic Major Plans to Pull Career Out of His Hat

Jordan Goldklang, 22, of Mill Valley will be a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington, majoring in magic.

Famous Magicians

Now appearing on television or a theater near you, or in Las Vegas. Here are today’s hottest magicians.

The Man Who Killed Houdini

Folk figure, boxer, college student in Montreal, he gained fame as the man who sucker-punched magician Harry Houdini. Submitted by Irwin Royes

Simple Tricks to Baffle Any Audience

A nice collection of tricks for the beginner (and even those with some experience) from the editor of Genii Magazine, Richard Kaufman.

“Cutting to the Aces” & More

Bill Malone demonstrates a Scarne miracle! Then you can link to his many demos with cards on UTube.

“Bed Metamorphisis”

Don’t blink or you’ll miss this one.

Card Tricks Anyone Can Do From WikiHow

Here is a 4 King Card Trick and a link to quite a few more card routines of varying skill levels. Try one or all!

Take a Magic Quiz

Submitted by Assembly 36 member Irwin Royes who says “if you can’t answer all ten correctly, then join us for an Assembly meeting and learn more.”

David Copperfield

David performs a Four Ace effect with quite a bit of dramatic embellishment. Grab yourself an orchestra, a stage and a close-up camera and try it out!

Top Hat of Links

There are thousands of websites on magic. Here are few favorites and those of our members who have submitted them for posting here:

Magic Roadshow

The Best of Magic Roadshow – magic’s premier newsletter for magicians & mentalists. Lots of great articles and tips for magicians at all levels.

LYBRARY.COM, e-books on Magic

A huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, defines Magic

Researching magic? Want to know all about its origins, classifications and definitions. Wikipedia offers a nice overview with links to get more detail.

Wayne Houchin- Magician + Performer

Wayne has marketed Sinful, AKA Quarter Through Soda Can, Stigmata, Indecent and Distortion.  His THREAD illusion was performed by Criss Angel on National TV.

David Hira-International Performer

David is a full time professional magical entertainer and keynote speaker. If you have an interest in being a pro, study the best….. David is top shelf!

Jon Racherbaumer-Legendary Magic

Master magician, author, lecturer, intellectual, teacher and historian.  We are fortunate to have this icon of the magic world living in the Crescent City.

Jojo the Clown and Magician

Jojo provides entertainment for trade shows, festivals and fairs, shopping malls, schools, hotels, riverboats, casinos, restaurants, and private parties.

Sankey Magic

Jay Sankey is a world renowned magician specializing in “in your face” magic. He has a newsletter and lots of U-Tube videos that you will enjoy watching.

Penquin Magic

One of the best collections of videos of magic for sale on the internet. Go here to view some really cool cutting edge demos.

International Magic Productions-Joe Harrison Master Magician

Member, Assembly 36, Joe is a professional magician with a huge show who can do it all.

Trigg Magic

Trigg Burrage’s passion for magic is reflected in his energetic stage presence and original ideas.

Irwin Royes-World’s Smallest Magician

Member, Assembly 36, Irwin is a professional magician, actor and M/C. Catch him at the Children’s Castle in Kenner and all around Louisiana.


A wiki-style online encyclopedia dedicated to the techniques and history of magic.

The Society of American Magicians

The Society of American Magicians founded in 1902 in Martinka’s magic shop in NY City is the oldest and most prestigious international magic organization in the world.

Lee Asher Blog

A terrific collection of magicians as seen on U-Tube all in one location. Sit back and take a journey like no other. Highly recommended.

The Society of Young Magicians

A world-wide organization for youth, the purpose of the SYM is to promote interest in magic and personal growth with skills acquired from performing.

Women in Boxes

Documentary of the role of women in Magic with appearances by some of the best known personalities. Blackstone performs floating light bulb.

Jerome Murat

Truly amazing mime/magic act. Very clever use of zombie principal by one of France’s greatest mime artists.